“Nature Nuts has been a breath of fresh air for our son’s learning. His confidence has grown leaps and bounds. He feels empowered to try new things. The self-assurance gained from Nature Nuts translates to his work at home. His writing, reading, and drawings have drastically improved. We are truly fortunate for Butterfly, Dragonfly, and Stink Bug... they make a difference in our son's life every day. Everyone should be a Nature Nut!” - Linda Larsen



"We love Nature Nuts!  We wanted to find a preschool for our children where they would gain the skills needed for Kindergarten, but without being trapped in doors in the typical classroom setting.  It is important to us that our children get to spend time outside in nature as much as possible because they are going to be inside at desks for the next 13+ years.  This program has been the perfect fit for what we were looking for.  Our son loves being a Nut.  He comes home smiling and covered in the great outdoors.  He also comes home talking about animals and their various habitats as well as plants and some of their uses.  He has also started "observing and conducting experiments" at home.  I know this is a result of being a Nature Nut, and we are looking forward to our daughter joining the program next year."  - Jennifer Richards


“When my daughter started Nature Nuts for summer camp, she was timid and a bit unsure of new experiences. By the end of the week, I could see her confidence growing. I was amazed at how much she changed for the better in such a short timeframe. She continued with nature school during the year, and her joy of experiencing nature seems to be growing on a daily basis. Attending nature school is the highlight of her week, and I love seeing the sheer joy within her face when she talks about Nature Nuts!” - Kim Griffin