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Forest Kindergarten Education Model


Natural Science

When children’s authentic curiosity leads to their own experiential nature observations and discoveries, it encourages scientific experimentation and conclusion; lessons are understood more fully and the information retained more deeply.


Nature Therapy

Nature Nuts learn how to self-soothe with nature, experiencing firsthand how nature can be a healing salve that calms and relaxes.

Environmental Stewardship

The compassion-scaffolding in every lesson cultivates in children the ability to retain and develop the sense of nurturing they are born with.


Nature Nuts approach promotes children’s connection with nature

Our curriculum is based on several schools of thought including total nature immersion, interest-led flow learning, emergent curriculum, place-based focus, inquiry based focus, and authentic play as developed by internationally acclaimed Forest Kindergarten teacher Erin Kenny. Many of the teaching strategies used are also adapted from Wilderness Awareness School's approach to mentoring children in nature.

Children are invited to use any of our authentic naturalist tools and equipment such as binoculars, butterfly nets, plant presses and magnifying glasses. We also have a collection of Native American and nature artifacts which children are encouraged to explore with all their senses including feathers, cones, rocks, animal furs, bones, nests, skulls, cedar baskets, etc.


Come take a tour to learn more about our nationally recognized program. To ensure that this would be a good fit for all, families who wish to apply need to first bring their child for a tour.


These critical factors for a successful forest kindergarten program are followed:

  • Attentive monitoring of children’s basic requirements: clothing, hunger, safety, and bathroom needs

  • Right teachers - Fully modeling and embracing nature pedagogy & respect for all of life

  • Creation of healthy community involvement and relations with teachers, families, caregivers, children, the land and wider community

  • Careful and continuing assessment of risks and hazards. 


New experiences

Our instructors guide students into experiences that nurture their connection to nature and build skills that will serve them for a lifetime. These experiences also build important social and academic skills.


Subjects Studied:

Forest ecosystems, Biology, Botany, Ethnobotany, Entomology, Ornithology, Zoology, Engineering, Environmental Science, Geology, Math, Physics, Music, Drama, Art and Literacy.


Nature Nuts follows The Cedarsong Way®:

  • All Weather Nature Immersion time every day; there is no indoor space.

  • Child-led Flow Learning

  • Inquiry-based Teaching Style

  • Child-inspired, Child-directed documentation of Emergent Curriculum

  • Place-based Education in a permanent location.

  • Small class sizes (8), low 1:4 teacher to child ratio


Nature Nuts is proud to be an Accredited Cedarsong® School. Cedarsong Nature School is an award-winning leader in the U.S. Forest Kindergarten movement and has received international accolades for its groundbreaking work.


Life and Kindergarten readiness skills gained in our Forest Kindergarten program:

  • Willingness to take risks

  • Creativity

  • Respect for others

  • Empathy

  • Physical stamina

  • Self-regulation

  • Perseverance

  • Imagination

  • Problem-solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Divergent thinking

  • Self-motivation

  • Excitement about learning

  • Risk & hazard assessment

  • Peer communication

  • Emotional balance

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-awareness

  • Conflict resolution

  • Negotiation

  • Teamwork

  • Compassion

  • Kindness

  • Resilience